Our Story

Polls suggest that most Canadians have limited connection to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, the role that each of us can play or even, Canada’s significant investment in achieving the Goals, nearing C$11 billion in 2020.

We get it. We see the disconnect. The conversations and celebrations that would enable Canadians to lean-in to the global challenge happen in Ottawa. A lot.

That leaves the balance – some 38 million of us – looking from the outside in.

The burning question that keeps us up at night.

How do we mobilize Canadians to act, to alter lifestyles and to make choices that lead us to a sustainable world, outside of Ottawa?

Our Focus

SDG Seventeen, a SumarPlus gamble on the future explores how do we mobilize Canadians to make choices that lead us to a sustainable world. We focus on the local – from our engagement to our action – because we know that achieving the global goals starts at home. 

SDG Seventeen – The PODcast
Join us as we delve into the Sustainable Development Goals, from ending poverty and hunger to promoting gender equality and combating climate change. We’ll hear from experts and leaders across sectors, industries, and countries to achieve a more sustainable future for all.
SDG – Lifestyle Gear
Explore our line of sustainable lifestyle gear. We’re starting simple with comfort basics for all ages. Our long term play, small batch sustainable selvedge denim, cotton button downs and bespoke knits. Stay tuned.
SDG Seventeen – INSIGHTS
Find our latest research reports, case studies, and analyses on various SDG-related topics. Our research covers a wide range of issues, including poverty, gender equality, climate change, and more, providing insights on the progress made towards achieving the SDGs and the challenges that lie ahead