SDG 17 Podcast

We celebrate local heroes who show us that positive societal impact is easier than we think and explore how Canadians from Cape Breton to Herschel can live the #globalgoals.

Join us as we delve into the importance of partnerships in achieving the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. We’ll hear from experts and leaders in the field who are working to build partnerships across sectors, industries, and countries to achieve a more sustainable future for all.

From public-private partnerships to cross-sector collaborations, we’ll attempt to solve the challenges and socialize opportunities that allow us to work towards a common future.

Tune in to discover how partnerships can drive innovation, increase impact, and create lasting change towards a more sustainable world.

Season 1

Our kick-off episode offers an exciting and informative discussion that aims to answer all questions about our mission and vision this gamble of the future. You will get to know the team and our backgrounds, as well as learn about the inspirations behind the mission.
In episode 2 of SDG Seventeen, we start at the end and work backwards from Goal 17 to discuss examples of successful partnerships and collaborations that have made a difference in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

 In this episode, “Justice Matters,” we focus on Goal 16, and discuss the impact of systemic racism, the importance of access to justice, and the role of community engagement in building equitable and inclusive societies.